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For further information about Music in Peebles, please contact:

John Fox (President): tel. 01721 729984
or email us at: contact@musicinpeebles.org.uk
or speak to any Committee Member

You can also join our mailing list by completing the signup form below. We will then send you newsletters (around ten each year) with details of our concerts, past and future, news about Music in Peebles and also information about other musical events taking place in and around Peebles.

We always welcome your feedback and ideas, for example:

  • Would you like to make a comment on any of our concerts?
  • Perhaps you have ideas for concerts that you would like to see included in future years?
  • Are we catering successfully for your particular musical interests?
  • Do you think there is too much emphasis on some musical genres or areas of repertoire at the expense of others?
  • What do you especially enjoy about Music in Peebles, and what could be better?
  • Is the starting time of the concerts convenient for you?
  • If you never or only rarely attend Music in Peebles events, what puts you off, and what would encourage you to join us more regularly?

We can’t guarantee to please everyone all the time, but we will try to reflect feedback from our audiences (and from prospective audience members) in our future plans.


Please use this sign-up form to subscribe to our newsletters which contain information about Music in Peebles and its concerts and also notifications of other related musical events taking place in Peebles and the surrounding area.

You may optionally provide your postal address so that we can send you a copy of our printed brochure for each season's concerts.

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If you have any comments on this website, suggestions of what additional information you would like to see included, or ideas on how it could be improved, please contact John Fox:

Telephone: 01721 729984
Email: contact@musicinpeebles.org.uk

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